No calorie Sugar alternative processed from leaf extracts of Stevia plant, hence 100% natural


Completely safe with no side effects

Approved by Global Regulatory & Indian bodies

  • US FDA
  • FAO
  • EFSA
  • WHO

Caters to the sweetness needs of all groups - youth, middle aged and senior citizens

  Normal Sugar
1cube (55mg)
1teaspoon (5gm)
1SACHET (1mg)
1teaspoon (5gm)

Highly stable at high temperature, versatile in meeting cooking needs


With an extract 300 times sweeter than sugar, Lowkal Stevia helps you manage your calories efficiently


A completely healthy and natural Sugar alternative, enables you to satisfy your sweet tooth guilt free



  • Sridhar

    I hate compromising with food. Now I don't have to, even with diabetes.

  • M.Mallika Kamaraj

    I am 74 and I do love your brand.

  • Ms. Veena Joshi

    I just can't have tea or coffee without sugar, but then I don’t want to use sugar.That's when I was introduced to Lowkal by my husband’s friend Mr. Chandrappa. Now I use only Lowkal and love the sweetness. It makes me feel healthy.

  • Mr. N G Srinivasan

    “I used to add other sugar alternatives, but two years back I was introduced to Lowkal by my physiotherapist. I loved the taste of Lowkal and I'm continuing the same.

  • Mr. Anjaneyulu

    I have been using Lowkal for 3 years now. It was introduced to me by my son who is a doctor. I’m diabetic and I enjoy the taste of Lowkal.

  • Ritu Dhingra

    My husband is slightly over-weight, but I’m sure Stevia will help him manage his weight.

  • Meghna Mathur

    Meghna Mathur, Housewife
    Lowkal Stevia is so safe, you can add all you like without ever worrying about calories.

  • P K K Nair

    It's as natural as sugar, without the ill-effects of sugar!

  • Neelam Sharma

    Taste the Natural Sweetness
    I didn't knew that I can find any substitute for sugar in daily use but thanks to Brand Lowkal for this Awesome product that is so natural in taste without any side-effects.

  • Mr. Lakshminarayan

    My dietitian recommended that I use Lowkal. I've been using it for about a year now. Earlier I regularly used sugar, but now I get the same taste with Lowkal.

  • Ms. Chiummy

    I would say Lowkal is an equivalent of sugar. I don't feel any change in taste. What's more, I feel energetic throughout the day!