Health with pills or nutrition

A real whatsapp chat with names anonymous, spellings or grammar not edited, deleted few chats in-between to keep it short.

 “A” posted a question in our group

[25/06, 4:43 PM] A: For prediabetes patients - metformin or lifestyle modifications. Which is better?

Gs got shock of his life

[5:13 PM] Gs: I'm bit worried even pre-diabetics are ready to go with tablets..

Mc shared his insights

 [5:27 PM] Mc: Long term metformin decreases B12 level and leads to nerve damage and other complications,lifestyle changes should b better

I Pitch in next day

[26/06, 9:51 AM] Vinod Sadashivaiah: A, before choosing which is better, it's important to know what is the cause of this condition?

[10:05 AM] A: Prediabetic because of family history!

Now G enters the chat

[10:09 AM] G: Lifestyle modfcn always better ...but metformin has pleiotropic actions and can give lot of benefits to patients ..

[10:45 AM] Vinod Sadashivaiah: Age

[10:46 AM] A: 48

[10:46 AM] G: On dot

M has a personal advice

[10:56 AM] M: Follow Dr B M Hegde guidelines for diabetics.

H jumps in to the conversation

[11:06 AM] H: For every good.....there will be bad also...... lets use allopathy wherever is required (critical care).... nobody is forcing us..... because of our lazy ness, we r getting deceases...... lifestyle change is more important.... Even pharma companies to survive, research spend is lot.....they try their strategy.....public should design their......

[11:16 AM] G: Although there mafia in west will be 90%accurate ..

[11:16 AM] G: Without which they'll sue the co to bankruptcy

[11:25 AM] G: They can't decrease ... earlier cancer was rampant ...but was down ..due to proper assessment /early stage recognition ...LS horrible cancer BK in great nos..

[11:26 AM] Vinod Sadashivaiah: it's easy to point the finger towards the common man and say LS (Lifestyle) blame him. Is this advanced health care or advanced marketing ?

[11:37 AM] H: Point is valid, Situation will improve, only if health care goes with government and for no profits....then many things will be good...(again many govt companies has got closed like IDPL, because of employee lazyness )... Many individual or private company won't work for social cause/service..... ultimately business and profits r important....

[ 11:44 AM] Vinod Sadashivaiah: An organisation like USFDA/ DCGI is waste they have to promote pharma companies for their survival. An organisation like AYUSH are better then them, they promote preventive health concepts.

[ 11:46 AM] A: Agreed with your vie

The discussion ended …………..

A agreed food on plate is a better choice than Pills.

Do you agree?