About Us

Health, Convenience, Taste,

You don’t have to deny yourself of sweetness to live a healthy lifestyle. No more fear of weight gain, Dental cavities, risk for developing diabetes or side effects of sugar.

Our aim is to address the global health challenges resulting from excess sugar consumption by offering a broad portfolio of zero sugar, zero calorie, sugar free, sugar less, Low calorie, healthier products to replace white sugar in every Kitchen.

Whatever your health goal be - Calorie reduction, Blood sugar control, No sugar Cooking or Baking, Keto Diet,  Lowkal has a right sweetness solution for you and your family without giving up the satisfaction and joy of sweetness


Thinking about our customers, we are developing innovations that bring further convenience to our unique products such as Rotate and drop technology for sweetener powder Jars, the soluble sweetener stick etc

That’s Lowkal - Wholesome, Safe, Sustainable and inspired by nature.

meet our TEAM

When like minded people work together towards a shared vision,

it fuels and allows  people to attain extraordinary results everyday.


Co-Founder & Managing Director

A pharmacist with over 15 years of experience in formulations, has developed products with clean sweet taste from innovative Food coating technologies .
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Director & Promoter

A consultant who was advising MNCs for over 15 years on their people-related challenges and financial opportunities is now building international business relationships.

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Operations Head

An Ex- serviceman from Central Para Military Force having 20 years of multi functional experience is in now heading operations.

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